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Journal Censors Anti-evolution article… I’m not surprised.

June 20, 2011

We’ve seen this with Climate-gate for pro-global warming alarmists.  I’m sure evolutionists who have a more vested interest in their ideology would do the same, by censoring any contrarian arguments, as seen below:

In a paper titled “A second look at the second law,” math professor Granville Sewell of the University of Texas, El Paso showed that notions of nature alone building the complex structures of DNA are as unlikely as nature building a computer.1 Either event would violate the second law. After the paper was accepted for publication in Applied Mathematics Letters, an anti-design blogger wrote to the editor, warning that the journal’s reputation would be tarnished if the paper was printed. So, the journal’s editor withdrew it.2 Sewell, who has authored at least 39 other technical papers,3 then took legal action. Since the journal’s own policy states that withdrawing a reviewed and accepted paper “can only occur under exceptional circumstances” such as plagiarism or fraudulent data,4 and since Sewell’s article does not contain any known errors or technical problems, he was given an apology as well as permission to post the pre-publication version of his paper on his university faculty web page—although Applied Mathematics Letters still has no plans to publish it.2


Global Warming Alarmists Refuse to Debate…According to Leading Geologists.

June 8, 2011

Another blow to the global warming alarmist’s argument.

Where were all the other scientist supporters of climate alarmism? Did they not know that climate was a major focus of this, the largest geologic conference in the country?

They knew. According to Miall, even though some were directly invited, they either refused to participate or ignored the invitation. “The people on the ­IPCC side generally will not debate,” explained Miall. “Anything that’s brought up that they disagree with, they say has been dealt with and is no longer considered important, or is a minor effect. This is often quite wrong.”

That Was Awkward

May 24, 2011

As we all know, Judgment Day has not arrived.  An interesting billboard campaign has sprung up in response to the Judgment Day billboards.  You can see the story behind it here.

High-Tech Eye Design, in Lowly Mollusk

May 9, 2011
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Interesting creature with advanced engineering:


Chiton eye specifications include the thickness, size, and placement of aragonite lenses on the chiton’s shell—coordinated with internal light-detecting soft tissues like membranes and specified proteins. All these are needed just to detect a raw light signal. Therefore, these eyes have such incredibly ingenious engineering that the burden of proof lies with the one who insists that chiton eye specifications are natural “adaptations” rather than intelligently specified designs.

Read more here:

Rob Bell is Right about Hell

April 4, 2011

Rob Bell, the popular pastor of the Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan has gotten a lot of flak lately for ideas put forth from his recent book, “Love Wins”.  Although I don’t agree with all of his ideas, particularly his universalist slant, he’s at least right about the fact that most Christians are misguided on the doctrine of hell.

Hell isn’t a place of eternal torment as popularly taught.  It is a one time act of mercy shown by God to unbelievers.  I’ve already done some studies covering the topic and they are linked below:

The Truth about Hell

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What does ‘Everlasting’ in Matthew 25 mean?

Where their worm does not die

2 Peter 2, A Warning for False Teachers

Human Hand Capabilities Impossible to Duplicate

March 4, 2011

A team of scientists and engineers recently developed the most advanced robotic “hand” to date.  Yet, it still pales in comparison to the human hands.  So the question is, who designed the human hand, as posited by the researchers at ICR.


So, which was it, God or “Nature”? The very fact that these engineers had to exert so much brainpower and manpower to build their remarkable―yet still inferior―DART hand ought to make the answer clear. Nature has no brainpower or manpower, but God has all power.

See the following link for the article.

Brain’s Complexity ‘Is Beyond Anything Imagined’

January 17, 2011

One human brain is more complex than all the computers on earth combined. 

And we all know these computers were designed by random mutations and freak occurences.  😉 Sorry my evolution believing friends, there’s no way nature could have produced a brain this complex.