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Team of Researchers Simulate Photosynthesis, kinda.

October 11, 2011

Two separate research teams out of MIT and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have been able to somewhat simulate photosynthesis.

Photo: MIT

One team focused on converting CO2 to CO, and one team focusing on the energy storage process and creation of Oxygen from water. Plants do all these processes very efficiently, especially compared to the current discoveries.  According to PCWorld:

Of course, both processes are still slow and rather inefficient — problems that have plagued the field since its beginning. But it’s still in its early days, and the working models can be used as inspiration for optimization experiments — now that there’s an example of a working hydrogen-generating solar cell, other researchers can refine the structure and the chemistry of the device.

This would lead to the question, if it takes groups of bright researchers to make a rudimentary system, how do plants have such a highly effective system in place already?  Random chance?!  Hardly.

Further evidence to support that God created this world.

Source [MIT via PCWorld]

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