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Rob Bell is Right about Hell

April 4, 2011

Rob Bell, the popular pastor of the Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan has gotten a lot of flak lately for ideas put forth from his recent book, “Love Wins”.  Although I don’t agree with all of his ideas, particularly his universalist slant, he’s at least right about the fact that most Christians are misguided on the doctrine of hell.

Hell isn’t a place of eternal torment as popularly taught.  It is a one time act of mercy shown by God to unbelievers.  I’ve already done some studies covering the topic and they are linked below:

The Truth about Hell

Tormented Day and Night; A look at Revelation 20:10

Will People Burn Forever and Ever?

What does ‘Everlasting’ in Matthew 25 mean?

Where their worm does not die

2 Peter 2, A Warning for False Teachers

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