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iPad…great photography tool.

January 27, 2010

Usually I’m not the type to fawn or hype about the latest technologies, especially the hype surrounding Apple product launches (iPhone, iPod).   So when I heard about the iPad, i first laughed at the name.  But the more I look into this product, the more potential I see as a photographer, especially when you go on the road and at weddings.  This tool would be handy as a portable backup drive (no need to lug heavy laptop), instant photo review and showcase, as well as other uses such as tethered shooting.

I may actually buy into this product and be an early adopter.  Unless it retails in Canada for an absorbitant amount like $599 or more (when similar and more rugged netbooks go for $300-$400, then forget it.   We’ll see, it looks promising.

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