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Blind Blind Sheep

November 14, 2009

It’s funny how blind and stubborn some people can be.  If something new comes along their way which is different from their old ways of thinking, they quickly plant their roots in the ground, blinding themselves to the possible new light. Take this conversation with Brian Thorton of Voice of the Sheep.  I’ll post a screenshot:

blind blind sheep

Notice how he hasn’t approved my comments and says:

“If I had gone to his site, I would never have begun a discussion with him on these issues because he is a Seventh-Day Adventist. He and I have no basis on which to carry on a meaningful discussion of these things, seeing as he worships a different Jesus than I do.

Sorry, Glen…next time I will check first to make sure the person I am talking to at least holds to biblical, orthodox Christianity before I begin a discussion on matters such as these.”

Hey Brian,  do these look unorthodox to you.

I suggest you do your research first before making sweeping statements like that.  You only make yourself look more ignorant, and lessen your credibility.

Maybe he knows Adventists have the Truth all along and is threatened by it, or from past experience, has encountered other Adventists who have shown him new light, yet still holds on to tired teachings.  So judging from his actions, is that something Jesus would do?  Highly unlikely. Brian, please practice what you preach.  Lets pray for him that the Holy Spirit will work in his heart.

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