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Secret Rapture?

November 6, 2009

Is the doctrine Biblical? Here’s a video series I’m currently watching to educate myself on the topic as I’ve had minimal exposure and study on this doctrine over the years.   Possibly because the concept is not even found in the Bible itself.

Check it out.

Here are some quotes I got from it:

“Where exactly is it found in the Bible?” Rowland Bingham

“The doctrine seems to be founded upon a false interpretation, in the King James version of the opening verse of Second Thessalonians, chapter two, verse one.” – Charles Eerdman

“…might be held as truth if there were any Scripture to confirm it. But it may not be held in view of the fact that no Scripture even suggests such a process of events.” – Henry W. Frost

“…No amount of explaining can make First Thessalonians four a secret rapture…” – Harold J Ockegna

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